cedar tree
cedar tree




So-- what does a tree have to do with understanding reality?

Isn't your life as important as a tree?


 How often have you stood looking up through the branches of a tree amazed at the beauty of it's form, the strength of its trunk and limbs can you. Something made it grow to exactly this height, something gave it it's unique form, it loveliness and character and timeless sense of purpose.  


      Isn't your life at least as important as a tree?  Maybe like me you've asked ‘what is reality’ because deep down you sense your life is meant to be lived with a sense of purpose and meaning in an intentional, thoughtful manner--just as this tree has grown--rather than haphazardly reacting to the circumstances that come at you every day. 



       So ...
    If you'll find 5 minutes in your day to consider the things presented here, you'll begin to find answers to this all important question.